In the works:

Short story titles

Pick one and we will race to write it.

Winner is equal parts faster/better.

My wife just left me.
Passion, intimacy, commitment
Passion of the bad fit
Drinking out of cups
Lesson plans
Meet Anna at the bus
Trout in a barrel
Your place, mine, or another time?
Hardy’s other heroines
Lancet flukes
Epiphetic, audioly, sexily
Winter drips from trees.
Stone canoe
Waiting on a woman, waiting on the man
She didn’t lie to him; she just didn’t tell him.
Up on a roof
I’ll be your Birkinstock.
Reclaiming color
Gooder cheese
Everybody got arrested that day.
Goodbye to all that
Meet in the middle
Sixth glath of wine
Corner room
Secretly gobbling charms
Gin and platonic
Killer at last call
Never been a baker
I’m not a betting man.
Dumpster death
Midweek jazz
Nothing against retards, but
Going the distance
Tyrone by My Morning Jacket
Killing zombies in my dreams
A likely story
Twilight talk
I will sing you songs.
For whom the cell tolls
Drama in the park
Handsy and regrettal
Book club narthex
Nobody’s business
The light is behind the door
“Are you having a lovvve afffairrr?”
Call after work? I will.
Cribbage scores
Flash sideways
Alone at my beach house
Motorcycle accident
Animal in the attic
ATM sure-charge
The man went it to think and drink.
We have a situation.
Some other guarantee
We’ll cross that bridge when we crash off it.
The ding to a wrestling match
I broke my eggs.
What kind of fun is that?
You don’t look anything like her.
Man returning bottles, barking
A lot of shit goes down in text messages.
Two wheelbarrows
Do you have the stuff?
Who is George Clinton?
Elephant diamonds
Full to the touch
I’m not not forgiving you.
We need to talk.
I will be here.
Your fiancée was looking for you.
Funny things, women
How much are these?
Hasn’t broken loose yet
Cab driver’s corollary
Rob the religious barber
Poor me a glass
Whore moans
Third night running
Was it you?
Who are these?
Say when
The devil in street clothes
They keep their difference
Today is maybe Wednesday
One more thing
I just
You’re just
I just am like
Guy holding door
Empty ketchup
I like to know where I’m going.
Hopefully, she will be in bed.
You have such a tongue.
Why write
Yak bone rings
Somebody’s father
I’m not unhappy.
Everything’s sad.
Rock n roll girl
The mad tripper
Sparkling cider
Imaginary world
He’s not no good in bed.
Driving into black
Tickets and tampons
Who said you can park there?
Old rugged cross
I’m bad at relationships.
Misery loves Kompany.
Straight from the whores’ mouth
One-man mosh pit
Merry widow
Was it pirates?
Telly’s bridge
Fibs, fortune, and fog
Mr. Blake’s Curio Shop
Pardon your circumstance
Rosemary leaves
I’m one to talk
Girl on a stretcher
Dye pack
Can you buy me a toothbrush?
Head and tails above everyone else
On the cusp
Rare form
Multiple confirmaries
Runaway name
That a girl
Spies in love
Nickels and dimed
Dropped the dime
Pub crawl
Lonnie, the boy way
Festival of the book
Deaf film festival
My dark place
Rich man’s tupperware
Cutting down
The whiskey priest
Step on a loose cobblestone
Border’s tropical fish
Washing glasses
Give me a break
Dentist office
Skin doctor office


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