one of Paul Revere’s bells

is located in a Portland church. Know which one?

I didn’t know anything about it until this year. The things I don’t know could fill a long book, but I’m kind of embarrassed to have such a cool, historical artifact so close and not know about it.

This may prove Young’s point about memory, that we can only remember privately what we have learned publicly, and that public memory is only partly formed by us.

Samuel Adams is “the great man who cleared the way for Washington,” and may be known in New England now moreso because of the beer named after him.

I was surprised to hear the Declaration of Independence was not read aloud for fear of the Anglophobia it incited, that the stifling of it was constructed, not incidental. It seemed to make more sense that in the years after the tea action, people were too caught up in the tumult of war to pause for historical penning.


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